UPX | Shop

UPX | Shop is the optimum solution for a small retail business. Your store is never closed!

Customers and products connected anytime and anywhere!

UPX | Shop helps you design and refine the online experience you want to create.

With intelligent reporting, inventory management and cloud-based flexibility, UPX | Shop serves you as a point of sale system with tools to manage your store online and offline more efficiently.

Webshop management

  • Adding, editing and importing Products.
  • Basic Product information Management.
  • Customised filters and attributes.  
  • Order management
  • Return Process Management

Webshop branding and design

  • Ability to brand your shop and communication with customers
  • Mobile optimization  
  • Integration with your own CMS (eg WordPress)
  • Extensive navigation capabilities
  • Automatic scaling of images to suit different uses. (Eg. listing and product pages)

Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Built-in Blog and news manager
  • Google Shopping Integration
  • Link with Google Adwords for remarketing and conversion tracking.

Promotions and discounts

  • Related products, for upsell / cross sell
  • Temporary discounts on products, orders and shipping

Stock, Logistics and payments

  • Multiple Payment methods and providers  (Mollie, pay.nl, iDeal, CreditCard, Paypal)
  • Multiple Shipping providers (PostNL, DPD, etc)
  • Stock Management
  • Dropshipping capabilities: orders and Backorders.

Hosting and security

  • Automatic updates
  • SSL encryption of your data and Encrypted Payment Information
  • Data backup

Apparel and footwear retail

If you manage logistics and order fulfillment for a company in this industry, you need a flexible solution that will grow with you. The styles, trends and seasons change so often that managing large amounts of unsold inventory is common. Returning items to distributors for a credit is quite difficult in this case. Drop shipping in a difficult to predict demand industry is an advantage.

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Home and decor retail

Now with tools like Pinterest and design blogs providing endless inspiration and access, there are a lot more choices, variety and experimentation in online sales for Home and decor.  One of the major benefits that online furniture stores offer to you is the shipping feature. Most of online stores offer free shipping above a particular amount of purchase.

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Food and beverage retail

Food and beverage retailers are well positioned in the online environment because they can leverage both their existing physical shops coupled with these digital capabilities.Specialty offerings are considered particularly important to capturing a younger generation of consumers and as a critical differentiator between the online and in-store experience. An integrated experience is ideal in this industry.

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