UPX | Commerce

helps manufacturers and wholesalers succeed by making their daily business processes more efficient.

UPX | Commerce is built for medium and large B2B manufacturers and wholesalers who wish to sell online publicly or privately.

UPX | Commerce is the product for your business which adapts to your current way of working and strives to improve your day to day activities.

All data concerning your Product information, customer relationship, order and after-sales management are stored and synced securely in a central location. Are you currently using a website or a webshop to sell your products?

Commerce allows you to sell products from a variety of suppliers and on several sales platforms targeting different audiences. In that case, tailoring your data to fit the platform and the target audience is a must. For example, perhaps you want to display other images or prices per shop or offer other cross and upsell products. The connection between UPX Shop and UPX commerce makes it possible.

Product information management

  • Product data is always up-to-date: changes in product information are immediately synced and visible everywhere.
  • Complete integration with ERPs and websites/webshops.
  • Linking and configuring products of different properties such as size, weight, capacity etc.  
  • Relating (spare) parts to products.
  • Advanced translation system for product information.

Digital asset management

  • Creating marketing material from product(s) data.
  • Controlling versions of document and media files such as images, videos etc.
  • Advanced translation system for marketing materials.

Customer relationship management

  • Order history per business account or customer.
  • Shared files per business account or customer.
  • Pricing set per business account or customer.
  • Lead management and credit assessment through integration with Graydon.

Order, after-sales and billing management

  • Create, process, and send orders.
  • Create and send quotes.
  • Create and send credit notas
  • Advanced product price management.
  • Customer-specific order and price rules.
  • Service forms.

Import and export

  • Import products.
  • Import price lists from suppliers.
  • Automatic data verification.
  • Import logs.


  • Integration with ERP systems.
  • Integration to webshop providers.
  • Integration to website providers.

Rubber and plastics

Flexibility is a priority in the rubber and plastics industry that we understand. Your customers demand it in your products – and you need it to successfully run your business, particularly as you grow. Challenges in the Advancement in polymers, resins and additives and coupled with the industry’s move toward e-commerce.

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Building materials

Successful commercial building material and product company means managing complexity in a fast-paced environment. Streamlining vendor management, customer service, product delivery, and inventory management can potentially realize a massive improvement to the bottom line.

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In the manufacturing and distribution of electronics business, globalization touches almost every aspect of your operations, from sales to service to logistics. Customers are demanding nearly instant delivery – almost anywhere in the world – as well as greater technical support and service in their language.

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